Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is the price of the Quest Cape?

Amazingly, players need at least 14,091,141 exp to fulfill all formal requirements for the Quest Cape and in reality way more (like 20-30M). Beats most of the skill capes, doesn't it?

Merch Gwyar is also writing about her experiences with killing Nomad (or rather attempting to kill Nomad). Being very close to her combat levels, I guess, I am bound to have the same results... Plus I don't like using crossbows and from what I hear it is pretty much a requirement there.

So I'll wait and try to raise a few levels. I still need to do the Blood Runs Deep before I go for Nomad anyway. And I also owe another visit to Jad...


NeobotXP said...

Take a BoB, take brews. Learn his attacks on a suicide mission or two. You'll be fine ;)

NeobotXP said...

Tip: I have a friend who is lower combat than yourself who managed it with a Tortoise and dhides.

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