Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crashing Mint Cakes

Merch Gwyar explains in details the mint cakes situation.

And I have a bit of personal history with those cakes. A few month ago I was trying to find a way to buy a party hat, but no one would sell it to me. At least not for cash. I went so low as to offer buying any kind of junk along with the hat (and I despise junk trades...), but still no one would agree. Then I started to visit RSOF section for trading rares quite regularly and realized that the only way I could buy a party hat was to exchange it for some other rares (Easter eggs, santas, pumpkins and such). But I didn't have ANY rares. So I tried to buy some. For cash. Yeap, didn't work out either. Sellers were asking for some ridiculous amounts of mint cakes instead. And that finally broke my spirit. Mint cakes, I thought, what the hell?!


Anonymous said...

I was in EXACTLY the same party hat situation

I tried asking a question in Andrew's live Q and A session yesterday but out of 38 pages of questions he gave up after page 4

I don't know why party hats can't be matched in the GE to the street price

G said...

I get why the trade limit makes it hard to do cash trade, when the difference in street price and GE price is large, but I'll never understand why cash isn't accepted for other items and treated like it has no value.

It's never going to crash or lose value, it'll always be cash...

I don't know..

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