Monday, February 15, 2010

Jagex sues Runescape Botters

Well, not exactly botters, but people who created Nexus and iBot (Runescape bots) and have been selling subscriptions for these illegal software programs. Thanks to Aaron and Topper for the pointer.

I guess that's what Jagex had in mind when they were saying about fighting bots in Runescape.


Alex @t Runescape Bits said...

I hate botters aswell, but between botters and the addiction and independance to the game that jagex has created, I prefer botters by a good margin. Life is a battle, don't forget. I wish good luck to the two american brothers and their business and may justice be made to whoever is right.

Also Vaskor, I really enjoyed your question and answer post about yourself, read it twice =D . Should I write one too on my blog?

Vaskor said...

Alex, I don't see botting being a cure for addiction. Botting is just a kind of cheating, which apart from that also has a negative effect on the game. Nothing more.

Thank you for the comment about my Q&A post, though. Yes, it'd be great to see yours.

Anonymous said...

people who don't bot are no lifers,
real men bot

Anonymous said...

botters run the whole economy of runescape,without auto plankers oak planks prices andd stuff would sky rocket, same for things lik swamp tar chinchompas and runes

Brandon said...

Actually, the legit players would do the chinning, I can't even do chins cause there's so many bots. lol

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