Saturday, February 6, 2010

RunePlanet Blog and Equality in Runescape

An angry post from Aaron (owner of RunePlanet) about Jagex treating fan sites and players unequally. I am afraid there is a lot of truth there. I can't speak about p-mods issue he raised and I don't care that much about bad language topic, but there is definitely some hidden or unspoken extra criteria for fan sites to be accepted.

I might be wrong here, but I think that evaluation of fan sites was done just once in one big sweep, early in 2009 and one of "hidden" evaluation criteria was size of the communities. After that only exception cases were considered such as adding fan sites for non-English speaking markets, removal of RS Boards and Zybez (first one due to RWT and second, well, I'd say competitive ads plus past history of extensive RWT), reviewing (and rejecting, alas) Runescape Wiki and adding Runewise. Yes, Runewise got through via an exception process due to the anti-RWT tool (at least I think that was the main factor - anyway, I am grateful for that).

The problem is that good and legitimate Runescape fan sites which grew rapidly in past year (like RunePlanet) do not indeed have a chance to get accepted, unless Jagex does another big review of Runescape fan sites or makes it truly an "on-going" process.

P.S. I am also extremely happy to see RunePlanet blog starting up with several writers. Yet another fan site driven Runescape newspaper, yummy :-)


Aaron said...

Thanks for the coverage Vaskor :), it wasn't really angry, I'm just trying to...I guess stir up the dust that has settled, let people know whats going on...stuff that other websites wont talk about because they dont want to get in trouble...we have nothing really to lose, so I just try to think of things that JaGeX know there are problems with but do nothing to solve them and express my ideas about how to do so. So thanks again :).

Aximili E I said...

"Yet another fan site driven Runescape newspaper, yummy :-)"

You're scary sometimes you know that 0.o

Joost said...

Interesting, for a fact RuneTower became a supported fansite a few weeks ago although we were already verified and it might have something to do with our new website LegendsTower.

Anonymous said...

Vaskor, would you consider adding RuneScoop onto the links sidebar?

Vaskor said...

Yes, but I need to straighten it out with Qeltar first. When RuneScoop was opened, he removed links to Runewise and Reader's Digest from affiliates.

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