Monday, February 1, 2010

Runescape Clans Support

Jax's suggestions for Runescape clans support infrastructure (here and here). Very thorough. Jagex is turning toward RS clans (with forum changes and the Cup) and made it clear that they'll continue in that direction. But will they go as far as Jax suggests?


Jax said...

They have to find a way to let us register our clans and track them. The biggest fiasco of the jagex cup was the issue of who was in what clan when and who could war etc.

The rest is icing, but they really need to do something.

Vaskor said...

Interestingly, in War of Legends clans are registered inside the game (well, like in many other similar games). I wouldn't be surprised if it is already somewhere in Jagex's plans. Just not a high priority. Clans are working the way they are anyway, so there is no urgent need to set up a special infrastructure for them. Unless people really start raising this issue on RSOF, fan sites and blogs.

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