Monday, February 22, 2010

Teleports in Runescape

Great article from the Informer about most useful but at the same time "less known" teleportation options in Runescape. All my favorites are there: Ring of Dueling to Castle Wars (one click banking), Ring of Dueling to Mobilizing Armies (access to Spirit Trees), Slayer Ring to Fremmenik Slayer Cave (access to Fairy Rings).


NeobotXP said...

1. Always pick your spines when you go the duel arena!
2. RoD is also fast to glider network

G said...

Completely OT, but if Belarus wins their hockey game, the next match up in the Olympics will be USA vs Belarus. Thought that might interest you :)

Oh and on-topic, having multiple slayer rings and crystal seeds helps so much.

Vaskor said...

NeobotXP, yes, I do :)

G, alas, Belarus lost that game. And I can't even complain, the way they played in this tournament, they didn't deserve to advance.

Morte said...

The fastest to Glider Network would be the Enchanted Broomstick from Swept Away, then going to the Glider slightly north in Al-Kharid.
~ia Morte, Mistress of Death

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