Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well, I am back. Officially :-)

It all started with Dungeoneering. The skill got released and I had to go and update Runewise code to enable it. Then I tried the skill and liked it. Fire Nile made me go through a few levels with him and I got hooked :-) Then Qeltar started talks about independent alliance of fan sites and J Gard brought me in. Then Merch Gwyar asked for a new sig and Whitehawk promptly created the template, so before I knew I was updating Runewise's code again. Then Knifestorm created two more sigs. Then Jagex upped Runewise to the Gold level, and I was coding again trying to resurrect a few Runewise services which went neglected for quite a while... You get the picture... Out of a sudden I found myself in the middle of Runescape world again. So when Aximili E I directly asked me when I was coming back to blogging, I had to admit to myself that the time has come indeed.

As for the link.., I want to point you to the farewell post from Aly. The post is two years old, but yet I keep returning to it every now and then. I guess... I don't know... Maybe to keep things in the right perspective?.. To catch the intangible?


G said...

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your well deserved break. :)

You knew the person who wrote that post? That blog is 100% the reason why I started writing about the game. I keep going back and checking it to see if maybe, by chance, there is a new one. I would have loved to have had an opportunity to have a conversation with her.

I wonder what she would have thought about Dungeoneering from a F2P/mod stand point.

Vaskor said...

G, I wish I knew her IRL too, but no. I only knew her from the blog posts.

Rs Bits said...

Hey Vaskor, glad to have you back! I started making a habit of checking out your site every day. On the first few days that you didin't post, I was visiting your blog 5-6 times a day during 1 week, looking for an update. I have even quit runescape while you were gone. Well check the post ive made. For the future, I hope rs bloggers start talking more about real life too, as it is easy to get out of touch with reality in this addicting game. Cheers, and glad to have you back!

Aximili E I said...

Yay!!! Your back!

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