Monday, April 26, 2010

Is Dungeoneering a slow skill to train?

Interesting argument from Simple013 about Slayer not being a slow skill because of all this extra combat experience you gain on Slayer assignments. But then she talks how Dungeoneering is too slow in comparison.

I have to disagree with the second statement. The same logic could be applied to Dungeoneering: you get tons of experience in other skills while completing a dungeon. I actually calculated it for my case (soloing, skilling along the way, but not 100%, taking about 20 mins per dungeon). I get 7.5 exp points in other skills for every Dungeoneering exp point. That's better than Slayer!

As far as pure Dungeoneering exp gaining rate, it grows up exponentially! Yes, you start with very small exp gains, but it goes up considerably as your levels go up. I am gaining about 3K Dungeoneering exp per dungeon on average around level 50. Which means 9K per hour + 67.5K in other skills. And that's when taking my time in every dungeon, meaning you could go much faster if needed.

I would guess that around level 70, without changing my style of play, I would get something like 20K per hour in Dungeoneering, maybe more. Plus all that bonus exp. I wouldn't call it slow.

What do you think?

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Jax said...

Welcome back Vaskor!

I think Dungeoneering is "slow" if you do the "I"m going for 99" tunnelvision that some people do. Completely ignore any other benefits.

If you are more of a "how can I get my total levels higher" then I would say dungeoneering and slayer are very similar, just different sets of skills being worked.

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