Saturday, April 24, 2010

Runescape Guide Competition on YouTube

Catching up with posts from other blogs...

A few weeks ago Icey Dan1 (aka Silentc0re) has announced Runescape Guide Competition on YouTube. Apparently Jagex offered to sponsor it with 1 year free Runescape membership for the winner. And that's apart from exposure for your YouTube channel Dan is promising for the best entries. Due date is June 1, so there is still plenty of time. If you are in a mood of making a few video guides, check it out.

On another topic, if you remember Avicile Mohaili's challenge to write RL/RS facts posts, here is the one from Tankler. I wish more bloggers would answer to the challenge - those posts are very interesting to read.

1 comment:

Aximili E I said...

I couldn't do that guide competition as I know they would not accept a RSC guide... though I wouldn't mind the exposure for my blog =D

I might answer that challenge.. I'll think on it tonight ;)

Interesting... it seems that "Tankler" is overcoming what his supposed "brother" did... I also noticed that he took the "cheats" from the title... There may be hope for him...

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