Monday, May 31, 2010

Follow ups

A few links today.

  • First Xela's response to Qeltar's suggestions on resolving items binding problem in Dungeoneering. Xela has a good point about potential temporary slots being filled early by players made items and offers new approach of separating players made items and pure drops. If such separation could be made, extra binding slots could be applied to such dropped items only. There is more in the article, but as far as I understand that is the key idea. I like it, but think it is highly unlikely that Jagex would add such distinction between players made items and items dropped by monsters.
  • Secondly, G turned my post about teleports into action and actually walked Runescape from one side to another. It took him 26 minutes - so here we go, the size of Gielinor. Thank you, G.
  • Finally, Canting Away has a dedicated forum now.


Alex said...

I think you missed the point slightly on my suggestion.

Whereas in the current system you can only keep 1-4 items, and are able to use them (and only them) each game, I suggest that you should be able to keep a number of different items (say 10 or 12), but still only use 1-4 on each floor - the rest would be held separately in a kind of "Dungeoneering bank" or stockpile.

What items you choose to take with you could change while you're setting up a party, and then you'd appear with only those items in your inventory, like the current system.

NeobotXP said...

Loving the stockpile idea. My binds are only good for keyrunning, but if I want to mage (and I do a lot) I need to make my gear from scratch to be actually useful.

Vaskor said...

Ah, thank you for the correction. I like the stockpile idea too.

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