Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sentiment Analysis

I've been playing around with "consumer sentiment" analysis tools and ended up doing some quick research using Socialmention application. Got some interesting results.

Here is a "consumer sentiment" picture for "Runescape" created based on data from a huge amount of social networking web sites (twitter, facebook, youtube, digg etc.)

As you can see very positive!
For comparison here is a sentiment picture for "Jagex".

Very different picture, isn't it. Still mostly positive, but it looks like people are happy with the game but not necessarily with the owner company practices. Of course, it's just one snapshot, but I plan to take a few more in the future and see if the picture states the same or not.


Seth said...

That's pretty interesting, I halfway expected either to be more negative than positive XD. But that's good both are actually more, seems more people like it than don't (which usually is a small amount).

Vaskor said...

Well, I was sure Runescape will get positive sentiment. No matter how you look at it, Runescape is a great and popular game. IMHO, Jagex is improving their image too, but they still have a way to go. Just for comparison, WoW sentiment ratio is 7:1 (same as for Runescape), but Blizzard has 4:1 (twice over Jagex).

Knifestorm said...

Interesting site. Here is some more data:

Club Penguin (a kid's game) 6:1
Disney 5:1

Guild Wars (free MMORPG)5:1
Midillusion 2:1

Looks like companies are less popular than their products.

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