Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Speaking to a ghost

Jax raises some hard questions here. I mean, what would you do if you are helping someone and suddenly realize that the person you are helping is most probably a crook? In RL or in RS?

What would I do? If I only knew for sure... I had this happened to me in RL once - and I simply finished what I was doing and we parted our ways on good terms. But will I do the same next time? I have no idea. I find myself more aggressive in RS, though. More often then not I confront the other guy one way or another: speak out or report, or both. Sometimes it's not pretty...


Alex @t Rs Bits said...

Yes, these are most definitely bought accounts, you should probably report them.

A few months back when I last played (went pking), there was a pure there with higher combat level then me. He said his stats were 90 range, some hp levels and everything else 1. (To get 90 range on a pure, it takes some incredible effort, motivation and KNOWLEDGE of what you are doing and WHY you are getting these stats.

When I asked the guy why he had 1 magic only (most people who legitimately get 70+ of a stat and are pure know the importance of magic and the fact that it gets no extra combat levels).

So he responded with ''because I'm a pure'' to my question of why did you have only 1 magic.

When I heard that, I immediately knew that the account was bought. Jagex should really tighten their penalties on botters who create those accounts in the first place.

Merch Gwyar said...

Mind you, I'm level 119 and I've only just noticed that range and mage aren't getting me combat levels. *cringe*

In my defence though, I train all of them together, so hadn't quite sussed that it was only attack, defence and strength bumping up the combat levels.

Alex @t Rs Bits said...

Merch Gwyar, some people like me play runescape ONLY for the wilderness and other player versus player activities. I do not blame you for finding out just now,..

Anyway, how it works exactly is that your combat level can be based on melee, mage or range. If it is range based (meaning you have a much higher range level than magic and attack+strenght together), then you can get as many magic and str+atk levels UP TO THE POINT of where your combat level becomes magic or melee based.

So for example, If I have 90 range and 1 magic strenght and my combat will be range based, and I can get 89 more magic levels (up to 90) without my combate level being affected. You can always look up how many levels of what kind you can get using a combat level calculator.

Defence, hitpoints, and prayer will always give you combat levels no matter what.

Anyway, most people who play to pvp tend to know this, and having 90 range and 1 magic is ridiculous, as this gives extremely poor defence against magic, so much as a pker of 90 mage and 1 range would have very good odds against someone of 90 range 1 magic.

And why I'm sure that it was a bought account, is because people who don't normally pk and look to buy a pure, think that a range pure for example must have high range and everything else 1, including magic (which gives a large disadvantage). So account selling companies are almost forced to keep their pures at 1 magic, because it is much easier to sell to people who have no clue about what they are buying. Hope I've put some clarity into this merchie. *Note, I do not support selling ingame items and gold

Alex @t Rs Bits said...

and so I was saying, someone who legitimately got his pure to 90 range, has had way enough experience and just knows that it would be ridiculous to leave magic at 1.

Merch Gwyar said...

Thanks! That's really illuminating! Can't you tell that I've never PKed?

I've always had mine level, though my range and mage have just peeped out in front, because of the circus. So, say, I'd get att, str, def and hp level 85, then get a combat level. Then I'd get range, mage, summoning and prayer level 85, nothing happened. Then next time I got an att level, I'd suddenly have a combat level. I just assumed that I needed a level in all 8 to get a new combat level. LOL

So yes, your explanation also tells me why fan-sites keep insisting that I'm melee-based, when I'm actually happiest with a crossbow in my hand.

And yes, I can see how you knew for a fact that that was a bought account.

Merch Gwyar said...

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. When I was reading this, I had to laugh. The ignorant high level could just be a member of the Sal's Realm newspaper staff. *winks*

The Effects of Combat Level on Reactions to Basic Questions

*looks through* OMG! I was only a baby at the time. I thought I was really high levelled as well!

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