Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All those thing I am doing wrong

Kitt Fox posted a list of things she does not do in a right way in Runescape according to the conventional wisdom. Apparently I am not doing much better myself, take a look:

- no super/extreme pots (well, I use them)
- no piety/turmoil (check)
- no cannon (I use cannon whenever I can)
- no Guthan's armor (check)
- don't complete clues ASAP (check)
- no combat familiars (check)

- don't run at Ape Atoll (check)

- don't drop ores (check)

- no servant (I have a butler and he is busy!)
- no oak doors (check)

- no graahking (check)
- no abyssal minion (check)
- don't bank at ZMI (check, in fact no ZMI at all)
- use all pouches (check)

- no daily herbs runs (check, and never had)

- no red chins (check)

- don't rush (check)
- don't run 5:5 larges (check)
- kill everything except dino cows (check)
- check every room (check)
- haven't switched to 2h (well, I didn't switch because I started with it from the beginning)

Plus I don't do any of the distractions and diversions things, unless I run into one accidentally. Yeap, I don't even look for penguins. Yet, I like playing and feel good about the way I play the game.

The point here is that there is no a single right way to train any of the skills. Everybody can and should train skills in a way they feel like it regardless whether it is efficient, money making or whatever. One of the worst things you can do to your friends in Runescape is to force them to play the game exactly in a way you think it is right to do. Just remember, guides are just that - guides, they are not requirements. Take them easy, please.


Troacctid said...

You're absolutely justified in eschewing clue scrolls and Guthan's. Neither one is efficient--they slow you down a lot. You're better off using food rather than switching to a crappy weapon like Guthan's Spear (especially when Soul Split lets you basically give the Guthan's set effect to any weapon), and clue scrolls give no xp and (usually) weak rewards.

I don't understand why you wouldn't run at Ape Atoll though. Energy potions are ridiculously cheap, and anyway, if you're training there, you should have high enough agility that you don't run out of energy in the first place.

NeobotXP said...

I don't enjoy castlewars as frequently as I should!

Vaskor said...

Troacctid, I think you are missing the point. I am not saying that my methods are more efficient comparing to conventional ones. In many cases they are not and I am aware about it! I am not looking for ways to get more exp per hour - I am looking for enjoyable and relaxing ways to train my skills and no one can possibly know what are those except for myself. That's why I (just like Kitt) feel resentment when someone tries to tell me how they think I ought to train my skills.

NeobotXP, I can't believe you don't! You know, everybody gotta spend at least an hour a day over there :)

Troacctid said...

No, no, I mean it's inefficient if you DO use Guthan's and complete clue scrolls. So in those cases, most good efficiency freaks will actually agree with your decision not to use them. ^_^

bulletrhli said...

I do agree with you that there is no one way of training a skill, and that is definitely true. I myself am a terrible trainer, I don't know the good ways to train, but I enjoy the way I do because I meet so many enjoyable people.

Thanks for posting this :)

Vaskor said...

Troacctid, ah ok :)

Bulletrhli, exactly!

bulletrhli said...

Vaskor: ahaha, yep :)

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