Saturday, August 28, 2010

Drumgun posts on

Thanks to Troacctid for the pointer, here is the link to Drumgun's posts (goes to the first post, but keep scrolling - there are more in the same thread) on I believe he is the person with most XP in the game at the moment. If you wonder what may drive people to do something like that (18+ hours a day for years), take a look. Very interesting read in many aspects.

Personally, I am baffled. I read his explanation but I still can't comprehend it. Very alien logic and mindset. In all my life I never met anyone who would think this way. Not even close. It's almost frightening.


Troacctid said...

The link is broken for me. I know the original was though.

Vaskor said...

Thanks, fixed it.

NeobotXP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NeobotXP said...

Wow. The most extreme case of a superiority complex I've come across on the internet.

Rafftank said...

I noticed his posts in the 200m in all skills thread, as I constantly follow it, and do love it and I am intrigued when top ranks post (So far Drumgun, Lan and skiller).

As a quick note, drumgun doesn't have the most exp, hes currently 3rd or 4th, Skiller has the most exp.

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