Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guthix Altar

Runescape never cease to amaze me. I keep stumbling into places I never knew or completely forgot about. This time it was Altar of Guthix north from Taverly. I know I've been there before, when I started the Herblore skill, but I have no recollection about it and I don't think I ever been there since then. How and why?!! The place is beautiful. It also sufficiently useless (if we don't count Kaqemeex with his cape store), which suites me just right :)

Is there something I don't know about it?


RS Economist said...

I trained there a ton as a beginner. My first real prayer added training. It is like the noob version of training on gorillas.

NeobotXP said...

First time I went there was in 2004 to start the herblaw skill. Second time was this year to get the cape.

Alex said...

Witchaven church is a favourite of mine, although it's not as good nowadays with the "improved" graphics. There used to be a beam of light from a stained glass window, but now it's all been done with dynamic effects that don't have the same effect.

Kitt said...

I run by it when I'm going to charge glories. It's my favorite shortcut.

Vaskor said...

RS Economist, ouch, you killed druids in that sacred place?!!

NeobotXP, well I rediscovered the place at lvl 96 herblore. Didn't take that long :-)

Alex, yes, I remember being awed by that church too during the quest. Gotta revisit it too.

Kitt, oh, I always used the games room teleport for glories. I think, I'll be using your shorcut from time to time now, just to check on the altar place.

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