Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's not about Efficiency!

Believe me, it's not. I pity players who absolutely have to train their skills in the most efficient way. Or maybe I just don't understand them and we simply live in different worlds. In any case we play different Runescape game and that's for sure.

Anyway, usually it's not a problem. Due to my "soloing" nature of the play (even on Slayer assignments - cannon ftw), I rarely get into conflicts. At least not as often as Kitt Fox (she writes about it quite a bit). But sometime I do get one of those "high efficiency" (or as Avicile Mohaili says "Oi idiot") people trying to shove their knowledge down my throat too.

Here is my recollection of today's conversation at Waterfiends. I jumped in for a quick 30-35 Waterfiend hunt (as part of a slayer assignment). I was wearing Armadyl armor and had a few sharks and extreme pots in my inventory. Summoned a Bunyip, drank potions, turned on protection from Ranged curse and proceeded to bash Waterfiends with Saradomin godsword. Fun.
There were a few players around including lvl 137 Overvoltage. Then out of a sudden:
Overvoltage: you should just use Soul Split
To tell you the truth I didn't even understand it at the beginning. Soul Split is like 91 prayer, it's so far from me, I haven't even thought about the ways it might be used.
Me: Just?
Overvoltage: I guessed you must have Soul Split at your level
Me: you guessed wrong
Overvoltage: then you are not proficient in combat
What a nice conclusion.
Me: ?
Overvoltage: you should not be using protection prayers here. It's not efficient
Me: why?
Overvoltage: you are wasting space in your inventory for ppots
Actually, I wasn't, but that was irrelevant
Me: I hate when people push their view of right and wrong onto others
Overvoltage: Ah, ok. Go on, proceed with your inefficient training.
Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

What a douce-off.

Troacctid said...

For a guy who cares about efficiency, he sure is inefficient if he isn't willing to use space in his inventory for prayer potions. XD

In his defense though, with your stats and SGS/bunyip (and a short trip of 30-35 kills), you probably have enough defense and healing that you shouldn't need deflection curses anyway.

Your setup is suboptimal, so I don't see any inherent problem in pointing it out in case you were using a weaker setup by mistake and truly didn't know it would be better to use Karil's, Sara Sword, and normal prayers. The trouble here is not that this player was being "efficient" or even that he was telling others to be efficient; the trouble is that he was being rude.

fred said...

It sadly happens more and more those days. I can't recall hearing that much comment let's say 3 years ago. And people tend to forget that RS is first a game. Play it as you enjoy it!

G said...

What a jerk!

It's one thing to offer a suggestion if you see someone struggling. However if they're not getting killed repeatedly, wear whatever you want and do it however you want to do it.

Josh said...

As long as you're getting it done,it's efficient for me. :P

I hate people who downs others for "Not doing it right." :\

Vaskor said...

Thank you, guys.

Troacctid, I know that my setup is not optimal, but I have my personal reasons to do it the way I did. For instance, I don't like any of the Barrow armor sets, not the stats, just the look and lore behind them. Somehow I don't feel good wearing rotting armor taken from the grave. And I do like curses - I think they are cool. Stuff like that. See, my reasoning sometimes has nothing to do with efficiency.
I play the game the way I like it, it is different from the ways other players play, and it is not the "right" way. There isn't one! There shouldn't be one! If everybody would play Runescape in exactly the same "most efficient" way, imagine how awfully boring would it be!

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