Thursday, August 5, 2010


More than a week has passed since the merge with Sal's. I am actually very happy how it turned out - people at Sal's sincerely welcomed Runewise and gave a lot of great feedback and suggestions. I ended up adding a new service, fixing two broken ones (which I wasn't even aware about) and adding tons of new content. Runewise is still being viewed as somewhat separate entity, which is understandable, yet I hope the perception will change over time. I for once, plan to become more active in non-Runewise forums at Sal's and get to know more people - currently I am mostly reading blogs.

However, despite an overwhelming positive reception, it wasn't unanimous. Not unexpectedly, taking in account the size of the community, but there were people who voiced their disapproval with the merge. I don't really know what to do about that, I think I'll just do nothing. Can't please everybody after all. But I want to list their objections here, because they are symptomatic not just for fan sites, but for the outside world as well. I truly hope more and more people will eventually learn not to think in such way... Se here we go:

1. "I am loyal to this fan site, which means I am automatically hostile to every other fan site." That's called patriotism, I guess, in the worst sense of this ugly concept.

2. "Friend of my enemy got to be an enemy too."
Politics? I believe, that's exactly how it works.

3. "We should only deal with this guy, if we get out of the deal more than he does."
And this is just bad business.

That's all. End of the reflections, or was it a rant after all?..


Meili said...

I'll be posting on my blog soon but I would like to direct you to this:

Save the old Runescape websites! - the link is a thread in forums about how the old sites are being used as a resource but not cited or linked to. In other words, it's a protest against rampant plagiarism of RS websites.

I see that you merged with Sal's. I joined their forum today but I can't seem to post new topics yet. :)

Perhaps you would like to post your own thread on the topic I linked?

Vaskor said...

Meili, I posted a link to this topic in the blog, but I'll leave it up to you to post in on Sal's. It's a great community out there, you won't regret getting more involved into it.

Alex said...

Wait, you're not even a DM?

Vaskor said...

Alex, what is DM?

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