Thursday, August 19, 2010

Runescape Bug Abuse is still on?

I don't get it. Take a look at this article at which talks about a few recent bug abuse cases (admittedly I didn't even know about "The PvP Drop Potential Glitch").

But what caught my attention is the second paragraph about "Safe Death", specifically:
"These can still be performed today, but the force teleport bugs are guarded and not leaked often."

Does the author implies that these bugs are still there, some players know/use them, and he/she personally aware about a few of those?!


Seth said...

Someone somehow pulled an antifire shield from Daemonheim outside, he was holding it in the GE. I've reported that bug, but I'm sure there's more :/.

Runescape Clan said...

Dieing as you telepor to your house

Vaskor said...

Seth, oh, yes Daemonheim must be a preferred new place for "bug abuse search teams" to play with nowadays...

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