Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bonus XP weekend and links

I went down with severe cold yesterday, so it looks like my plans for the XP weekend got radically altered (that is toward "drink a lot and sleep whenever you can" one). But I did spend 5 hours skilling on Friday and Saturday before it happened. Among other things collected 2.8M Herblore and 0.5M Smithing XP. I didn't do any upfront calculations, but incidentally spent my last unfinished pot only 300 XP points short of 99 Herblore. Now I need to decide when and how I'll take the last step.

I general I am happy with the way the Bonus XP weekend turned out. Last time I pretty much missed it, but this time I did do some preparations and it was fun: hunting Grenwalls, killing Nechryaels, Dagannoth and Aberrant Spectres for seeds, growing herbs, collecting seconds, making bars and hunting dragons. And the XP was fast, very very fast - 2700xp per Overload potion ftw!

As far as links go, I have two completely unrelated ones:

  • I've been looking for interesting posts at Runescoop and only now realized that Qeltar has officially stopped working on it. It's a mid Aug news, but somehow I completely missed it. Very sad news, though not particularly surprising. Qeltar put enormous amount of effort into the site and made it one of the most unique Runescape sites, but couldn't monetize it to justify continuous support. Unfortunately, that's the story of pretty much all small and medium Runescape sites - they are all based on enthusiasm. There is no money in it. So they will only live until their owners care about Runescape. Or maybe it's a good thing?
  • And the second link it for Canting Away web site. No comments there, if you read this blog regularly you know what Canting Away is. It's a clan community, of course.


Josh said...

I am also pleased on how the bonus XP weekend came out. I got quite a bit of ranged and slayer XP in. Following some fishing,thieving, and agility experience to go with it.

NeobotXP said...

Am very sad over runescoop, have used it for years :(

Bonus XP weekend I dungeoneered :D

Merch Gwyar said...

{{{hugs}}}} I hope you feel better soon.

And thank you for bigging up the Canting Away link. <3

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