Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dungeoneering and Other Runescape Skills

Remember complains about Dungeoneering being separated from the rest of the Runescape and other Runescape skills? A big minigame - not a skill, anyone? I remember, it was one of my concerns too at the time. But, interestingly enough, the more I train Dungeoneering the more I see its effect on other Runescape skills. Obviously combat skills, duh. But apparently the effect is much more diverse.

I should say upfront that I solo medium size dungeons and I take my time with every one of them. People who are in for quick Dungeoneering training probably aren't getting the same experiences. But what I am facing now is the fact that Dungeoneering became the main method for training several "core" Runescape skills for me - skills, such as Woodcutting and Fishing. Other skills too, but these two in greater degree. Literally hundreds of thousands of Woodcutting and Fishing XP from just a few floors.

From the other angle, Dungeoneering became a great motivator for raising specific skills. For example, I was on a self-defined "promethium spear" quest for the last month or so. Raising Attack from 85 to 90, then desperately raising Smithing from 82 to 86 (reaching 85 during the bonus XP weekend and then making the final push to 86), attempting to collect 400K+ gp in one dungeon (so I could buy 4 promethium ores - took me 4 attempts!) and finally potting myself to 97 smithing and making that spear! And now I am aiming for the promethium platebody - that'd be another few months.

So, yeah, Dungeoneering has heavily intertwined with the rest of my skilling in Runescape. No more doubts about it.


Josh said...

I still don't really think dungeoneering as a skill, but it is a good motivator. Too bad it has pretty decreased exp except for combat. Dungeoneering is a nice way to train combat and get some pretty useful items also.

Kayla said...

I am the same way! I pushed myself from 88-90 attack so I could wield a promethium weapon I got as a drop!

Steve said...

I trained dung to 70 to get to the black demons for slayer.

I also catch the fish Blue crabs, morays because it is amazing fishing xp.

Still cant relate the actual skill to runescape as a skill, very little relevence except for the dungeon access.

I don't really need any of the rewards, prefer the stealing creation skill rewards.

Vaskor said...

Josh, not all XP is decreased. Woodcutting, Fletching, Fishing, Mining, Fishing, Hunter, Summoning are definitely not decreased.

Kayla, :)

Steve, it all changes. I am glad I can use Dungeoneering as a way to train many skills at the same time. Interestingly, it even drew me away from Stealing Creations. I rarely play it now.

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