Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plans, Promises and Jad

Introspection from the Informer on a year old Q&A session with Mod MMG. What was promised/hinted on and what actually took place. Too much negativity for my liking - I think I tend to view the last year changes in much more brighter colors. But interesting read nevertheless.

And one more link. Awesome new strategy for dealing with Jad from Troacctid. That one I definitely going to try! Nothing else worked anyway :)

P.S. Just a heads up. I'm heading to Mexico again. And this time I am looking at something between 7 and 9 weeks of work there. We'll see how it goes, but don't be surprised if my posts become even less frequent during this time.


fred-037 said...

Mexico?? Nice Vaskor. If you are coming down to the yucatan peninsula and need anything, pm in game.

G said...

Wow, that article couldn't be further off the mark. Where do I even start?

Dungeoneering - You can't come up with your own standards for what a skill encompasses.

"To be a skill an activity must:
Be able to be practiced without using any other skills,"

I guess Summoning and Slayer aren't skills either?

"And have useful lasting rewards."

Dungeoneering has no useful, lasting rewards? I'm not a big fan of the skill but even I can see its benefits. I guess Firemaking isn't a skill either.

The PS3/XBOX issue really had nothing to do with graphics. It's an issue regarding their online services.

A mostly negative opinion article presented as if it were fact. Some of which is just blatantly untrue.

That vent wasn't at you Vaskor, just happened to come in your comments.

Vaskor said...

Fred, thank you. I suspect, I'll stay mostly in Mexico city, but maybe do some traveling on weekends. Hard to tell now.

G, I agree, very biased opinions from the author. But I like the idea of going back and checking past promises against the current reality.

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