Friday, October 8, 2010

"Betrayal at Falador" as Runewise's service

Yes, new service called "Runescape Books" is up at Runewise.
I was working hard last week, but I can't complain: I like Mexico too much to complain about working there. But time indeed was sparse, thus no posts... And yet, I did work on this new "Runescape Books/Betrayal at Falador" service. Pretty much all my spare time went into it. And it's up and running now!

What it does, it lets you to take sneak peeks into the "Betrayal at Falador" book by choosing a character or a place, or, in fact, any other word. Of course, some words appear in the book multiple times, so you can search for them over and over again, while getting new text snippets all the time.

I'm rather proud of this new service. It was a novel idea, I like the results and I can actually turn almost any book into something like this now. Check it out - I hope you'll like it.


Fred said...

Welcome to Mexico! Bienvenido Vaskor!
The new service looks really cool. Great Job

Troacctid said...

"Novel" idea haha I get it

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