Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't turn your back on the RS community and other links

I am still catching up with hundreds of blog posts I've missed - it'll take me a few more days :)
Anyway here are a few interesting ones I found:

  • Thoughtful (yet passionate) post from Jax about people tendency to see RS community in a bad light. She used Dungeoneering as an example, but it's not just about making Dungeineering teams. Made me think about my playing patterns too... Playing "solo" too much. Yet, I am usually playing in short sequences (30-60 mins) and infrequently (especially lately) and jumping into a clan chat for just a few mins feels odd. I guess it does not have to be that way - I mean, I shouldn't feel odd about doing it, should I?
  • Aximili E I's blog reached two years milestone. Congratulations! Take a look at a few featured (by the author) posts.
  • And finally completely unrelated to Runescape, but extremely important "Doors conspiracy revealed"! So true (and scary:) ) Enjoy.


Seth said...

You shouldn't feel bad about how you play Dungeoneering, it's a difficult skill to contend with. Some like bigger groups, some like to be by themselves, it's just up to the user.

I myself prefer to go on my own usually, but if I know some close friends that are on, I'll go with them.

free runescape membership said...

I prefer to go in groups, especially with my friends online. However different people have different preferences when it comes to Dungeoneering. Check out this site, it is amazing!

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