Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Canting Away Winter Festival and Clan Wars

This year I was able to attend more events from the festival's 24 hours marathon than ever before. And it was fun! Truly the best part of my year in Runescape!

Somehow we ended up being in the wilderness a lot :) I guess, unconsciously, saying good-bye to it, before the "old wildy" is back. I doubt we'll have any events in the wilderness next year... So, yeah, both opening and closing parades ended up in deep wilderness (in F2P) and ended by encountering a revenant knight (with a number of deaths accompanying those encounters). The first parade was truly suicidal and crazy. Everybody had their best and fanciest gear/costume on with a number of rares and non-replaceable/very expensive items - all that in F2P where revenants are especially deadly. Add "no food" clause to it and you'll get perfect conditions for yet a few more Santa hats and Halloween masks leaving Gielinor for good.
Then there was a number of KBD trips (including a suicidal one without armor where we managed to kick KBD to death once :)), hide and seek, and, of course, an epic clan wars match between Canting Away and Sals. Merch's full report is here, but I do want to add that I actually thought Canting Away had a very good chance to win (and we did!). I mean, even a "non-pking" clan (such as Canting Away) with a few leaders who knows what to do and members being disciplined about following leader's instructions would win a battle against an unorganized horde pretty much 10 out of 10. Plus Canting Away is no longer "a baby cc that lives in Sals blogs". I mean, it does live in Sals blogs (at least a big part of it), but it's not a baby anymore.

Thank you very much, dear "canters"! It was a great festival. I love you all.


Josh said...

I wish I went, but everything was so crazy IRL. >.<

Vaskor said...

Ah, Josh, I hope you'll be able to come to the next one, it's a lot of fun!

Merch Gwyar said...

Thank you for coming and for highlighting our festival in this way. I'd been a bit busy since, so just came to catch up on the interviews that you're doing. It was a pleasant surprise to find this entry in the middle of them. <3

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