Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fame and Stupidity

I am a total noob at Dugeoneering. Yeap, no point in denying it... Soloing dungeons has absolutely nothing in common with going through a dungeon with a group of experienced players. I tried it today - it was overwhelming. I could hardly understand what was going on and what I was supposed to do at any given moment. At the end I claimed "Meat Shield" and "Most Deaths" titles without much difficulty. Fortunately, Warlock (the leader of the group) was patient and the rest of the team handpicked by Merch Gwyar didn't show any signs of frustration, I am grateful for that. Yes, Merch was there too, I indeed had an honor of sharing a dungeon with her, yay :)

Which brings me to the subject: "Fame and Stupidity". There was a moment when four of us were standing in the gathering area trying to find fifth player to join the group. A few high level players walked by and Merch offered one of them (l chriss l) to come with us. What happened next was totally unexpected. Instead of simply agreeing or refusing, l chriss l uttered something like "I am too good to go with you", donned his 120 lvl Dungeoneering cape and then made an attempt (unsuccessful) to mock Merch. I looked him up: lvl 120 in Dungeoneering, 150M exp, rank 26. He was clearly enjoying his illusory high rank fame. And, for the sake of it, refused Merch Gwyar's invitation, thus passing by a chance to really get known. That was so ironic, I couldn't help myself and kept chuckling, that is right till my first death.

P.S. I did learn something else too. Apparently "pwyll" means both mad and genius in Welsh. I think it's pwyll :)


Merch Gwyar said...

I've written up my version of this now. :D

I'd love to do another dungeon with you. It's fun and we're learning together.

I was only safer than you because I had a hood from a spider, that Warlock gave me. It stops half of the creatures being able to see me. Without that hood, I feel sure that I'd have stolen that 'most deaths' title from under your very nose.


NeobotXP said...

If it makes you feel better he wasn't good enough to go with my teams.

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