Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interviews with Runescape Fan Sites: RuneArmada

Today's interview is with Sky, owner and developer of RuneArmada. Enjoy!

Q: How would you describe your site in a few words?
A: RuneArmada is a simple site dedicated to providing guides on things that larger fan sites tend to overlook.

Q: Can you tell us about major milestones of your site? A little bit of a history?
A: RuneArmada started in August 2010. It started off as just side project of my personal blog, but it quickly became popular enough to warrant its own domain.

Q: What inspired you to start a Runescape fan site?
A: Just how popular the few RuneScape posts became that I had on my personal blog.

Q: What were your original goals for the site?
A: Our main goal has pretty much stayed the same. Provide in-depth guides that mostly specialize in performing a task as efficient as possible. Things such as a frost dragon guide for those without a pack yak or soul split, or a guide to perform "multi-chest" Barrows trips.

Q: Was it the first web site you ever created?
A: Other than my school projects, it is my second website.

What technologies were used to create the site? Did you add new technologies into the mix after you created the original version?
A: Just Wordpress.

Q: Is there a unique feature/service your site provides to Runescape players?
A: Our RuneArmada Chat podcast. Find us in iTunes!

Q: Did you start the site alone or with friends?
A: I started it alone, but my friends quickly joined in.

Q: Are you the only developer of the site's code?
A: For now.

Q: How many staff members do you have? How did you find/chose them?
A: I've got 2.5 staff members. 2 write guides, and another friend is helping with our Facebook page.

Q: Did you even had to deal with hostility and/or attacks from other fan sites?
A: Yes, but I'd rather not get into it :).

Q: Did you ever consider making money with the site or is it just a hobby?
A: It's just a hobby, but I do accept paypal donations and have ads to pay for the site hosting.

Q: What do you think about the current Jagex's fan sites support program? Do they do too much, too little? Is there something you'd wish would go differently?
A: I think they don't provide enough fan site support for the smaller sites. If you're a gold/ platinum site it seems you get all the attention. Those sites do deserve it though.

Q: Do you still play Runescape? If yes, how often?
A: Yeah, nearly every day.

Q: What's you Runescape goals, if any?
A: At the moment I'd like to complete While Guthix Sleeps, and get 73+ all skills.

Q: What kind of Runescape player are you? Which Runescape aspect is most appealing to you: quests, role-playing, skilling, pking, minigames etc.?
A: I mainly focus just on the skills.

Q: Are there other Runescape fan sites you personally use as a Runescape player?
A: RuneScape wiki :)

Q: Do you follow/read Runescape blogs and news papers from other sites?
A: I follow Jagex's Twitter accounts. Feel free to follow RuneArmada on twitter at @RuneArmada. My personal twitter is @Sky_Armada.

Q: Is there something you don't mind revealing about your RL (age, country, hobbies etc.)?
A: Most people don't know that I'm married to my high school sweetheart. I'm also developing my own indie games. My first game, "SkyTeck BlackJack" will be out sometime in February, I hope.

Thank you very much, Sky!

P.S. I absolutely loved the Firemaking project video from the site. Indeed, epic.

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