Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mod Mark talks about the Wilderness update

All right, here are some details from Mod Mark about the "new/old" Wilderness (click on the image there to see screenshots in full resolution).

Short summary (as far as understand what is going on):

  • A lot of relocation is going to take place. Minigames will be moved as well as quests.
  • Clues will be updated, but I don't think they will be removed from wilderness completely. Probably, we will just get less trips there.
  • Jagex is confident that they'll keep bots and RWT at bay with new technology (or technologies)
  • There will be no special PvP worlds anymore
  • A lot of stuff still undecided (gravestones, abyss, potions, weapons etc.)


YakHunta said...

That's not Mod MMG, that's just good ol' Mod Mark! ;)

Vaskor said...

Argh, my bad. Fixed it now. Thank you

Josh said...

I'm glad for Jagex, now they can finally take on the bots and give us Wilderness. Believe it or not, Jagex was probably hurting just as much removing the Wilderness as we were.

Now we need to pass this around more, so that people that think things such as Clan wars and Etc. will die/be harder to get to can see it.

Seth said...

Good thing they're adjusting it accordingly, my only problem was going into the wilderness for a clue or something unimportant and get killed unnecessarily. Past that it looks good.

Anonymous said...

Well I never really had a problem going into the wild for clues when wilderness was open for pvp. Just go to a world that wasn't highly populated and then log on and go to wild.

But, with them putting the revs out there, I always got attacked by the highest level one, what's it called..The rev knight? And it would attack you even when you got out of sight, things that real players could never do. And it would always tele block me. =/

I'm glad to know that old wilderness is coming back with no revs, and Jagex able to fight the bots and RWT's and keep them at bay.

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