Sunday, January 30, 2011

Runewise Community Adventurers Log

I'd like to announce a new service I just added to Runewise, which is called "Runewise Community Adventurers Log". Its purpose is to give Runewise folks a set of common community goals and records. And it also shows some nifty statistics collected from multiple Adventurer's Logs.

But what's real special about this service is the fact that it is built on top of an API provided by another Runescape fan site. Yeap, it's an example of collaboration on API level I've been preaching for so long. To be honest, I wasn't successful in this preaching up until this point. I did offer to open up Runewise's APIs to many fan sites in the past, but nobody was willing to give it a try. For various reasons, but mainly because they didn't consider Runewise to be a trusted source. It might sound strange (and it did hurt my feelings a bit), but it is (or was?) a reality. Maybe it'll change in the future.

Anyway, the site which provided Adventurer's Log API for Runewise is Impact IRC Bot, whose interview was included into the recent series of interview with fan sites. They also ended up using Runewise's services (for their !Advice and !Utip commands), so the data is flowing in both directions. I am very grateful to Impact guys for working it up with me. Both sites are benefiting from this integration and now I can hope that maybe fan sites will start trusting each other just a little bit more. I can hope, can't I?


Ambo100 said...

I like the idea of setting up an API so you can share data with other fansites. Where can I find out more?

Vaskor said...

Well, there is no dedicated place where RS fan sites could collaborate on this topic. The closest to it is the Jagex's supported fan sites forum. But most of technical collaboration between fan sites are still done via person to person communications.
I also sent you a PM with a few API examples on the forum, take a look.

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