Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beware. New scams in Runescape

Return of the Wilderness and Free Trade brought scamming and luring back. No news there. But it does feel like there is more of it now than it was in 2007 and before. Maybe it's just me, but somehow I personally never was a target of so many scam attacks.

The last one was especially disturbing, as it came via email and was masqueraded as an official Jagex's email. The fact that it came via email, actually, means that it was originated by somebody who read this blog - which saddens me, I hope to be mistaken in this regard though.

Anyway, the email came from "Jagex Ltd" ( (it beats me how the scammers emulate that, somehow they do...) and its content was the following:

Dear Player,

This is an automated message sent to inform you that your account has been suspended for Real World Trading. Please visit the Appeal section under Account Management to view evidence of your infraction and to appeal any infraction(s) that you feel were unjustified.

To view the evidence please click here: [link removed by me]

Please note: Due to a recent bug in our infraction system, some accounts may have received an void infraction. The majority of void infractions have been removed but we can not ensure that all infractions have been removed. We apologize for this and urge you to visit the appeal section to appeal any unjustified infractions received due to system errors.

Many thanks, Jagex Ltd.

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As you can see, it looks quite official. It came from seemingly Jagex's email directly to my email, which not many people are supposed to know. The link which I removed also looked like a real one, but led to a Runescape looking fishing site.

There were more problems with this email though:
1. I don't use my fan-site Runewise's email with my RS account, oops
2. I don't do RWT
3. The statement about "


Slayr said...

Sadly, it's very easy to emulate email addresses through PHP, and I'm sure it's just as easy to do so with other languages.

Thanks for the heads up, however. It's sad that people feel they have to steal other people's stuff in an online game :-/

Vaskor said...

Thanks, Slayr.
Posted it on Sal's too and looks like many people got the same email. Seems like a widespread fishing attempt.

Alex said...

Oh I've been getting plenny of random emails claiming to promote me to p-mod or such.

Unknown said...

I reasently got scammed by a user called babe kittey over 500K please report this youer as soon as possible, thx :(

lian leanne said...

don't buy runescape accounts just because it is cheap,you should consider the safety

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