Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top Runescape Staking Tips

I am actually against staking. In my opinion it is the closest thing to gambling we have in Runescape and it is just as addictive and devastating. So the best tip I can give you: simply don't do it...

However, if you choose to ignore my advice, here are a few recent articles with best of breed Runescape staking tips: one from the Informer and another from Runescape Bits.


Rebel Dragon said...

stacking or staking?

silentc0re said...

Hey vaskor

Wasn't really sure how to get a hold of you since your never really online on runescape! And lets face it... I don't plan on logging in much anymore

Do you fancy coming on the next episode of runecast on my youtube channel? You'll need skype if you don't have it already

Please let me know soon, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I would love you have you on the show Vaskor... (I am a fan of Silentc0re)

I think you should consider it! :)


Vaskor said...

Rebel Dragon, yeah, should be "staking"... Fixed, thank you.

Dan, thank you for the invitation! I would love to participate and I do have skype account, but it depends on when is it going to be. Please email me at

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