Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wilderness Songs

Great way to welcome the Wilderness back: found a perfect Wilderness song and go about singing it. I'll be forever stuck with this gem, I am sure, I'll be chanting it every time I go up there, to the cold shores of the high level Wilderness:

55 levels in the Wilderness, 55 levels in the Wilderness
A Revenant Ork came to visit me -OH CRAP- so I ran south, and I'm safe for now
But now there's 54 levels of Wilderness left to trek...

Well, I didn't go to the Wilderness today, but I did celebrate the return of Free Trade, yes, I did! I bought a partyhat! A purple one. A long time dream come true :)
It had a side effect of emptying my coffers, but I am glad they are empty. Now I can come back to playing the game the way I did before the GE. No more "skilling" spending sprees - I'll have to work to get my skills up and I like it.


Alex said...

OMG Phr33 phat pl0x? Buy for 100k!

Dancing for money!

NeobotXP said...

Put in 4gp offer for Treasure Trail Items no one thinks about and profit

Worth 500k, or at least many magnitudes of 4gp if alched.

Merch Gwyar said...

Congrats on your purple phat!

mr.newborn said...

OMG! Hey add me, Tsukasa Lvl1 :D

Vaskor said...

Thank you!

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