Monday, March 14, 2011

Bonus XP Weekend

It was a very busy weekend, indeed. But mostly IRL (orienteering - ftw). I did manage about 7 hours of playing time, though. I wanted to raise my Smithing to an "effigy" level (which is also a level where I will be able to finally smith myself promethium 2-hander and plate - still to be done). And I wanted to get my Summoning up (I didn't have enough charms for 91, but it's an ultimate goal). So I went through 12K adamant bars and then spent all my Summoning charms. Here are the results:

12K bars is a lot, no way I would try to smith all of them in a row. Instead, I made short breaks every half an hour or so and trained some other skills for a bit. That's where Construction, Fishing, Fletching, Herblore and Crafting exp came from. Runecrafting came from Tears of Guthix.

I also took advantage of people selling by-products of BXPW Smithing for prices way way below their high-alch values. Made a few millions on that. It's always fun to look for and exploit such merchanting opportunities :)

As far as links go, I have a non-RS one. I simply love this picture (and, of course, the movies it's based on). Thanks to Jamie for the pointer (again non-RS blog, but some of you may remember her as Bluebrisingr).


Ben said...

Seven hours? That's it!? I managed 21. :D Almost all of it was fishing, lol. Racing to 99. I WILL WIN, brainiac744!!! :D

Also congrats on the making money. I never thought to buy out stuff like that after the weekend.

-Ben Ryfos,

Schmidty102 said...

Due to work I only got about 3 hours of playing time in. I got about 300k Woodcutting experience while watching television. Not a bad night... :P

Vaskor said...

Thank you, guys!

Bramber, I deleted your comment - I do not support luring.

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