Friday, August 5, 2011

Runescape Clan Citadel Planning

I thought that introduction of Clan Citadels would affect Runescape greatly, but I couldn't even imagine how profound the change would be. It's not only clans that got affected - everything, including gameplay has changed. At least from my point of observation.

Now people have a huge incentive to join a clan and not just any clan, but a big one. It looks like the time of small 4-10 people clans is over - no one wants to struggle with a low level citadel -it's all or nothing. And then comes resource gathering - let's face it, it's quite tedious, even at 1000 mark. Right now it amounts to 2-3 hours of chopping wood in a week, fortunately, not always alone, but still it's a lot of time if you don't play much. My average playing time is somewhere around 5 hours per week, spending 50% of that time on one activity is a daunting prospect. I did 1000 in the first week and I am at 700 this week, but it'll have to change - I am not happy with my Runescape experience. I'll have to find a balance between my inner commitment to Canting Away and the way I prefer to play the game. And I have a feeling that it's not just me who is going through this kind of struggle. And what will happen when say 50-60 members clan stop producing enough resources to advance through the tiers? Dissent and finger pointing? Breaking up? It is a possibility. I hope Canting will be immune from it, but only time will tell.

Will we end up with only really really big clans left standing in a half a year?

Why half a year? Apparently this is a minimum time required to build a tier 7 clan citadel. See Teacuptime's calculations, finding and suggestions for planning clan citadels here:

Very insightful. An interesting twist is that apparently after Tier 7 citadel is built, it's not that hard to maintain the level. If only 12 people out of 50 do their max in resource gathering in a week, the citadel will stand. So maybe, there is a chance for middle size clans after all :)

The magic number is 27775. If a clan makes this number of resources per week on a regular basis - it'll live. If not, I am afraid, there is a good chance of the clan eventually breaking up.

Share your thoughts, please. Especially if you were in a well established clan before the update. How did it affect your clan? I am very curious :)


Anonymous said...

Yup, pretty obvious to any group or clan, just like when the clan chats came out, alot of ppl decided "hey lets throw together a group so we can have our own capes" few weeks later 80% of those clans were dead. Now again, here is alot of "clans" sprouting up. I am apart of a Huge clan and help run it. Fun Cave (family unity network, look us up :P) over 350 members majority of which are active, and sometimes it is still a pain to get people to do their part. First week we hit around 78k logs, this past week about 50k tho there was alot less to get so we didnt need much more. Alot of clans are gonna struggle to get the resources they need, but with the ability to move their ticker back to stall the update they can get it if they can produce more members or increase their storehouse.

Jax said...

When our clan did the math it was 22 people getting max resources (2700) in a T7 citadel to support the citadel, storehouse, battlfield and all skilling plots being t7. I think 12 is for the non-skill plot t7 stuff.

You can partially build things, so if you only have x% of what you need it will carry over.

Troacctid said...

I don't think you need to move the tick back for that. Your progress towards an upgrade gets saved at the end of the week, doesn't it? It's only the surplus that decays.

Vaskor said...

Thank you for the comments!

Jax, 22, oh... I guess Canting will have to either grow or compromise on some of other things to build.

To Fun Cave member, indeed very impressive numbers :) I wonder how many people from 350 visited the citadel this week? Canting has 116 members registered, yet only 41 person visited the citadel this week, yet 20k+ resources were gathered. Is that the same kind of proportion you see?
P.S. I found some promotion videos for Fun Cave. Is there a web site too apart from Jagex's one?

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Ya, I dont think you need to move the tick back for that..

Runescape Pest Control said...

yep, I would have to agree with you completely. Nearly all of my old clans have now seperated due to this update. Lol you really predicted the future when you posted this article on your blog. Also, I have noticed though that the clans that had enough people to gather the minimum amount of resources needed quickly gained new members and became powerful!

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cherrie3 said...

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Why half a year? Apparently this is a minimum time required to build a tier 7 clan citadel. See Teacuptime's calculations, finding and suggestions for planning clan citadels here:
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