Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to become a Player Moderator

Many players want this position and in majority of the cases for completely wrong reasons... Similarly to forum moderators it should not be sought as a position of power or rank. It is a responsibility you may be offered to accept one day you are least expecting to. Anyway, take a look at this article from a player mod who explains how he might have been selected.


Jamie said...

403 Forbidden
Please stop referer spam.

We have identified that you have been refered here by a known or supposed spammer.

If you feel this is an error, please bypass this message and leave us a comment about the error. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are actually doing referer spam, please note that this website/b2evolution no longer records and publishes referers. Not even legitimate ones! While we understand it was fun for you guys while it lasted, please understand our servers cannot take the load of all this cumulated spam any longer... Thank you.

Also, please note that comment/trackback submitted URLs will be tagged with rel="nofollow" in order to be ignored by search engines.

o_o That's what I get when I try to view it.

Vaskor said...

Wow... I am guessing that they have some kind of a filter for referrers from blogspot. So strange. I don't believe it is my blog - I am referring to this particular blog only second time...

Vaskor said...

I'll try to contact the owner of the blog and resolve the issue.

Jamie said...

Never mind ...it seemed to just be a filter. There was a link on the error page to the article (I need to start looking at pages for more than two seconds before closing them ._.)

Vaskor said...

It's still embarrassing. I don't spam, never was, never will.
I'll try to get their attention for this issue. Otherwise, I might just stop looking for RS articles on blogs with this hoster...

Steve said...

Vaskor and Jamie and any other visitors to this great site I would like to apologise for the problem with our filter.

Due to the nature of blogspot it is very likely to attract spammers and many reports have been logged, this is why it is on the centralised blacklist.

At www.runescapeblog.co.uk, or www.runeblog.co.uk if you prefer we have removed blogspot from the filter and will filter individual sites as necessary.

The problem should be OK now please do not hesitate to contact us if there any further problems.

Take care and enjoy the site


Vaskor said...

Thank you very much for resolving the issue so quickly, Steve!

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