Thursday, December 20, 2007

Runescape Summoning and Combat

It is stated in the Runescape Summoning development diary that Summoning will be added to the Combat formula (I guess similarly to the way Prayer is in there), so max Combat will be 138 instead of 126. It's all fine and great, but one thought is nagging me: what is going to happen with Combat Level in F2P?
Summoning is going to be a member only skill, right? So, are we going to have separate meaning for Combat Level in F2P and P2P then? Am I missing something?


Anubis said...

Well... 126 will be a cap for f2p and 138 for p2p.

It's about time they limited combat in f2p actually, even if it is considerably harder to max out on f2p it is still possble - which is why I suppose most pures are f2p.


Vaskor said...

I am still confused. Imagine a P2P player with 126 combat with a portion of it being obtained through Summoning. Now this player looses membership or simply goes to play in F2P. His/her combat would still be 126 - kind of misleading.

Anonymous said...

Runescape has already ruined the game, the only reason im still playing is because of summoning skill. Jagex is ticking everyone off, and if this skill is for P2P only, people will quit, protest and dramatic changes in runescaoe will occur. If Jagex knows what good for them, they better keep f2p happy if they want them to become a P2P. You can't expect 1 skill to attract all people, some people were pkers, which bother the way they took away.

Runescape is getting worse, people are quitting. People can't pay forever, eventualy there will be a point where members can't be members anymore. And when that happens, they will quit. Everyone is growing up, and face it, at this rate Runescape and Jagex are gonna crash into the ground. And the crash is gonna be soon. Runescape will no longer be the same, Ruinedscape.

I think p2p and f2p should get same combat, the last skills have been for members, if this skill is indeed for members, many will quit, i promise you. My friendlist with almost 200 people, has been shortened to 20.

Jagex is an airplane, people are getting off, complaining. And eventualy this plane will crash, never to be seen again.

Vaskor said...

Thank you for the comment. I do not share your view on the current situation in Runescape. I know that there are many upset players, but I don't see a lot of people quiting either. Looking at the number of players playing I don't see a big drop there. I do see bots absence which is a relief.
As for getting a new F2P skill, I don't think Summoning will be F2P. Pet's shop is in Yanille, plus Jagex just added several new things to F2P: dueling arena, bank space and party room. But we'll see.

Knifestorm said...

Financially, Jagex doesn't care how many free accounts they lose (they bring in NO net revenue),

Runescape will be a different game in 2008 than it was in 2007. Many members will quit. But with luck, enough people will enjoy playing the new Runescape to keep it a large and successful game.

Anonymous said...

i hope tht its free to play because some people ( like me) have parents that don't like game sto begin eith let alone pay for a memberchip

Anonymous said...

i think runescape is good for what it is. i understand people will be annoyed at the fact they can't scam. but still at least 30% enjoy it.

zoma said...

people will always play runescape.. the only people who are leaving and quiting are the people who were major merchants, or pkers.. anyone like me who just enjoys killing high level monsters will stay

I didnt like the trading update, but its not gonna make me quit.

also you have to remember that everyday new people join and start playing, they dont know the wilderness changed, and that there was no trding cap.


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