Thursday, December 18, 2008

Evil Twin and Runescape Glitches

Merch Gwyar once warned everybody about the evil nature of Molly "The Kidnapper". But who would guess that she is also a thief?! Or maybe even a burglar!

Anyway, let me start from the beginning.
I was peacefully making adamant bolts in Varrock using my faithful Spirit Terrorbird to carry extra 12 bars every time I would go to the anvil. 200 bars later next thing I knew, I was facing Molly who begged me to identify and capture her presumably "evil" sister. As I didn't really have a choice in the matter, I had to comply and a few seconds later the "evil" sister was pacing the cage and Molly was waving me off. I thought the distraction was over, but not at all! When I landed back into Varrock smithies, I realized that Molly captured my terrorbird! With full load of addi bars!
I could still see terrorbird's picture on my Summonig control panel, but there was no way to recall the poor creature back to me.

Well, I thought, let's wait a few minutes until the time is gone and see if I at least get my addi bars back. But what do you think? The timer went down to zero, but the terrorbird was still on my screen! Did Molly kill it? Was I dealing with a ghost?

30 seconds later the terrorbird suddenly got 30 seconds worth of life back and so it continued until I logged out.

And I never got my 12 adamant bars back, thank you, Molly...


Boombaye1 said...


At least they didn't need the White Knights to negotiate with the kidnappers for your release.

jojo said...

This has happened to me several times with different randoms and other things. I find that if I log out and log back in my familiar will reappear with its inventory intact.

Anonymous said...

Webmaster, I love your site. Thank you sooo much for working on it.

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