Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Runescape Media Revolution

New article at talking about different types of Runescape media and regretting about Runescape video getting more and more prevailing and Runescape pictures taking a back seat. What can I say? It is not a Runescape phenomena. It's global: video is becoming THE storytelling device for new generations. We can regret it anyway we want and keep coming back to our beloved books and pictures, keep insisting that children should read and write above all, but there is no turning: new generations will use video as their main media (at least until something new and even more cooler appears). At least, that's what I think :-)

Now, let me tell you about my video making experience. I made my first YouTube Runescape video in October 2007 and since then put up 5 more. Well, I have mixed feelings about these videos. First of all, I like them :-) Every one of them took me many hours to produce and every one of them was the best I could do at the time of making. I also feel like these videos helped other players, which is a great feeling. But one thing I wasn't entirely prepared for was how many stupid and offensive comments about my accent I would get. Staggering 25-30% of comments were not about the videos, but about my voice, my English and my nationality. If that's the real percentage of intolerant English speaking teenagers (presumably, that's the main Runescape population), this culture is in trouble... Anyway, I still like my videos :-) And I'll try to make more, it's just they take too much time to produce...

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Boombaye1 said...

I still like books.

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