Monday, December 15, 2008

Runescape Christmas Cards

Another interesting post from Topper. This one is about recently released Runescape Christmas Cards and unjustified (mostly) complains about them from some part of Runescape community. Good read and good reasonings.

As for me, I think that both "Christmas in Falador" and "Sweet Dreams"cards are beautiful. What is there to complain about?


G said...

I'm sure its my browser (I'm using an old IE one), but the card links didn't work for me. Just a heads up, just in case:)

People seem to find a complaint about everything. They're just Christmas cards, no one's forcing them on you. If you don't like them, simply don't use them. They're free, its a nice gesture and its fun.

Vaskor said...

Strange, the links point to images directly from the Runescape site. Maybe it was temporary down due to the update this morning. Can you try again?

They work for me both in FF and IE.

G said...

It was my browser. My work computer is about the equivalent of an Apple IIe. When I went home, the links worked fine from my laptop.

Sorry about that, just wanted to call it to your attention in case there was an issue with the link.

Vaskor said...


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