Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Runescape Hot Keys

New article from the Informer with a suggestion to enable more Runescape hot keys (including ones for the character movement and control panels). Of course, there are already hot keys for the panels, but F[number] interface is not intuitive and such hot keys are rarely used.

I was thinking about it too and, yes, I'd love to have an option to play the game without using the mouse all the time, though my reasons are different from the ones listed in the article. My reason is simple: when I overuse the mouse, my hand starts to pain. When it happens I close the game and do something else. Possibility to switch between mouse and keyboard would allow me to enjoy the game longer and without getting to the "pain" point.


G said...

I'm not experinced with mmorpgs beyond Runescape at all. It may be lame, but I prefer the simplicity of the mouse.

I'm not sure what WWAS (do I even have the initials right?) is, so I can't really comment on that.

However, if the keys are a standard among other mmorpgs, I wouldn't mind if there were an option to use it, so others felt more comfortable. Maybe similar to the Hidef/lodef toggle. Just as long as I can continue with the mouse, because I'm already terrible in combat situations, I don't need to make it any more complicated :)

Ham said...

He didn't address at all that those keys are used for chatting. In many other MMORPGs you have to open up a chat menu and then the keys work while in RuneScape you can just talk publicly without opening up a chat interface. I don't really see where else the keys could go besides F# because all letters and numbers are used for typing. He talks about it like he can't move the screen at all, when I walk around I usually keep a hand on the arrow keys and thus can change the view to look at scenery and walk at the same time.

Vaskor said...

Ham, I would envision some kind of a switch between chat and movement, just like you said other MMOs have. Normally I would just walk around and do stuff and only if I want to talk I would switch to chat mode (or click on a chat window) and chat.

P.S. and he is she :-)

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