Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year 2008 in Runescape

Review of Jagex's "Year 2008 changes" poll in the Informer. I'd like to add my comments too.

Question 1 - What was your favourite quest of 2008?
I really liked this year's quests, but While Guthix Sleeps sure stands out, so yeah.

Question 2 - What was your favourite non-quest update of 2008?
Couldn't care less for PvP Worlds. Summoning for the win!

Question 3 - What was your favourite new item in 2008?
No doubts here. Slayer helm was, is and will be one of the items I use the most.

Question 4 - What has been your favourite graphical update of 2008?
RuneScape HD.

Question 5 - What was your favourite new music of 2008?
The Republic Tigers. Not Runescape music? Then other.

Question 6 - What was your favourite website update of 2008?
Grand Exchange database. What would you expect from a merchant? Though I like new way to login and select worlds too.

Question 7 - Which of the following was your favourite website feature of 2008?

All in all Jagex did an outstanding job of making Runescape better and more enjoyable in 2008. I hope they will keep it up in 2009! and years beyond :-)

With that, HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

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