Sunday, January 11, 2009


Reached 2000 levels mark today. Somehow wasn't emotional about it at all. Just another level. Not like when I reached 1900 in April. 100 levels in 9 months, was it a lot? Didn't feel like a lot.

Anyway, here are these 100 levels (tracked by Runewise). Gives a good idea about what I did in Runescape since April, does it not?

Strength with biggest jump is ranks due to Saradomin Godsword.
Firemaking - push for the cape.
Cooking - drop in ranks shows how many people keep training this skill beyond 99.
Crafting - on-going "Countdown to 99" contest.
Smithing - Stealing Creations minigame and its clay hammers.
Fishing and Fletching - completely neglected.
Runecrafting - While Guthix Sleeps, various lamps and occasional penguins. Apparently they add up even without looking for them.
Ranged = Slayer + Cannon.
Summoning - 19 levels simply because of novelty of the skill.
Farming - surprisingly lost 7 ranks despite getting the cape.


Jax said...

Congratulations Vaskor!! I'm impressed!

Now on to 2100 :D

Vaskor said...

Thank you!

2100 looks like 2010 or even 2011 number.

G said...

Grats Vaskor! Keep it up! :)

Kicky said...

I'm very impressed on the levalage Vaskor. I would check mine, but it doesn't seem to work for me...

Vaskor said...

Kicky, what is your RS name? I can check what could be wrong with stats analyzer in your case. The way it supposed to work is that you should specifically indicate (by clicking a button) that you want your stats monitored by Runewise. From that point on Runewise would read them from highscores every 2 days. So all search queries are possible only after this process starts and only starting from the date of the subscription.

Kicky said...

Kicky_300, is my rs name Vaskor. I did click monitor skills, but I still cant get the skill analysis to work.

Pm me ingame about it, or drop into blesschat sometime ;-)

Vaskor said...

I think I fixed the problem. Let's see if it starts picking up your stats within the next 2-3 days.

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