Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Ten Rings in Runescape

"Top Ten" Runescape rings from Turbo. Good article, I bet many players have never used some of the rings listed there.

But I do have one question. How come Ring of Dueling didn't make into the list? Is it just me using it all the time?


Kitt said...

I agree that the dueling ring should be on the list and I'd like to point out the Explorer's ring (3). I'm either wearing one or the other.

Anonymous said...

Saeems to me that he came with some of the rings randomly just to get the list to 10. yes ring of dueling should be listed very highly. If you know how to use it right (runecrafting with alter tabs, getting planks via balloons for construction, and don't forget summoning via balloons), it could be the most important ring in the game. 00chief00

Steve said...

I also think the ring of life will come fairly high on the list when the auto logout time is increased, wear it when skilling when you go and put the kettle on, you know what a nub Dr Jekyll is and those river trolls always seeking revenge for the demise of the troll queen.

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