Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ever changing game

Today's link points to a pathetic rant about how all good ways to making money in Runescape got ruined by Jagex. I've seen plenty of those. And, no, I won't push the GE merchanting here. What I'd like to point out (as some of the players who responded to that post did too) is the simple fact that the game evolves all the time. Despite a seemingly fixed set of rules, skills and stats Runescape constantly evolves: it evolves through updates, but also through player's perceptions and acquired knowledge. And it is exactly why this game could be (and is) playable and enjoyable for years. Players do not live in static world. In order to thrive in Runescape, players have to evolve, adapt and be inventive.

So if old methods of doing something in Runescape do not work anymore, just open your eyes and mind and look for new ones. You'd be surprised.


NeobotXP said...

Those who cannot cope with change cannot cope with life.

I read that post yesterday, it made me sad that Vaskor hasn't gotten around to verifying me yet after weeks, yet that guy can post something that stupid.

Vaskor said...

NeobotXP, what do you mean by not verifying you? Is there something I missed?

NeobotXP said...

Your account is currently inactive, the administrator of the board will
need to activate it before you can log in. You will receive another e-mail
when this has occurred.


G said...

It drives me nuts that its always about being 'rich.' If that's the reason one plays and gets fun out of it, then good for them. However the incessant drive to play only to brag about how much fake cash you have is kind of annoying.

There's plenty of ways to make money if you really want to. Problem is, everyone's looking for the get rich quick scheme and not put too much effort into it.

Vaskor said...

NeobotXP, what board are you talking about?

G, I agree, it's gameplay we are after, not rsgp.

Knifestorm said...

I think when NeobotXP said "Vaskor" he really meant "Qeltar". I have also tried to register on TruthScape a couple times and received an email like the one NeobotXP posted. TruthScape has a problem with registration, but it you are not registered you can't report it.

I still read TruthScape even though I can't post there. The only time I still get annoyed is when someone starts ranting about how many lurkers they have.

Vaskor said...

Ah, I see now. Thanks, Knifestorm!

I sent a PM to Qeltar, hopefully, he will fix the problem.

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