Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chinchompa Hunters

Harsh reality of Chinchompa hunting business. Is it really that bad?

I don't hunt much, but when I do I am usually able to find a world with only 1-2 hunter in (after 5-10 hops of course) and join them peacefully.


Steve said...

I made a post about this exact same thing a long time ago, hight level hunters (not all) are selfish ignorant players and that is why my hunter is low.

I have found a great way to deal with them but really cant be bothered, I will train hunter soon so watch out ignorant muppets your bully days are numbered.

Titus Yeo said...
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Titus Yeo said...

Hey, thanks for featuring my post, Vaskor! :)

Sometimes these high levels could be tough cookies too, once, there was one of them that was so insistant on staying until a fellow clanmate with 99 hunter decided to drop by :O

Knifestorm said...

I'm amazed on how many people try and turn this into a moral issue. Some feel the deserve the spot because they were there first, others feel that the old hunter has had his turn and the newcomer should have a chance, some feel that its a survival-of-the-fittest thing where "strong" players have the moral high ground --- it's all rubbish.

It's a game, no one is cheating, no ethics or morals are involved -- only an unconscious time vs. benefits analysis. If a world is crowded then I look for another - it's not worth my time to "steel" someone's spot. If someone tries to crowd me out of a spot I just stay -- they eventually decide to try somewhere else.

It's not worth getting worked up over.

Anonymous said...

The biggest blame has to fall on Jagex. They set up hunter so you could only make a profit basically from this style of training. It was a very poor effort on thier part with this skill as a whole.

Now when your down there, it'd be nice if you could share a spot, I do fell it is rude to set up around someone that is already there. I will set up to the side of someone if I see them there.
If Im there first, and someone sets up around me (which is all too common) then I'll shift over a spot or two to show Im willing to share.

I feel it has nothing to do with level, it had more to do with personality.


Steve said...

Knifestorm you are right no one has more of a right than anyone else, its just nice to play nicely and consider other people.
Its not a case of morals its a case of courtesy.

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