Friday, February 6, 2009

Jagex's 2008 finances

Jagex's 2008 finances from Ren. The grows slowed down in 2008 apparently. Profit was flat, I guess, because of additional spendings on big 2008 Runescape updates and MechScape development.


Ren said...

Seems like I've become a regular on this blog, which is nice :)

Vaskor said...

Thank you for doing all these researches, Ren!

Knifestorm said...

Looks like they hired a bunch of developers. I wonder if they are working on RS, Fun Orb, or MechScape?

Seeing as profits have dipped and the CEO just got replaced, can I jump to the conclusion that Fun Orb is NOT make a profit?

Vaskor said...

I bet developers are working on MechScape. And, yes, I have doubts about Fun Orb profitability as well, but who knows.

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