Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doing Treasure Trails without Fear

Very good article (or should I say guide?) about doing treasure trails (clues) in Runescape. If you haven't done much "treasure trailing" and would like some advice, definitely take a look. Note though, that the guide is not a list of shortcuts and cheat-codes, instead, it will help you to actually play this minigame the way it was designed to be played.

One thing I want to especially highlight there is Alex's approach to clues in the Wilderness and the whole revenants issue. It also very relevant to the recent discussion at TruthScape I participated in. The point Alex makes (and I fully support it) is that you should not fear revenants, instead, you should learn how to fight them. Players go into wilderness without food and armor, fearing revenants, and, when they meet them, naturally, the players die. Thus reinforcing their fears even more.
But in reality revenants are not that deadly and, if you learn how to stand your ground, they actually are quite fun to deal with. Give it a try! Wear dragonhide, some decent helmet and gloves, take dragon dagger and/or another good weapon, super pots, anti-poison, one click teleport (just in case), energy pots, good food (maybe also a familiar with some extra stuff) and go on a revenants hunting trip! I promise, after a few such trips the fear will go away and you'll be looking for level 3 clue scrolls in deep wilderness with eagerness and excitement.
You may still die there, but you won't be frustrated. And you won't be afraid.

Good luck!

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G said...

I don't mind revs as much as I minded the 7 player pile on kill of someone just doing a clue scroll. I used to drop wildy clues all the time, its nice to actually be able to do them.

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