Monday, February 16, 2009

Mark Gerhard's Answers

Bravo, Mark and Jagex!
Despite the enormous number of questions, the answers are being given. I bet everyone has seen a small subset on the front page. Actually, there are more answers on the forum itself and even more are coming next week.

I was honored to have a part of my question answered on the main page:

Q) Vaskor - Could you please clarify Jagex's position toward fan sites? Will the "openness" somehow apply to fan sites and communities established there?
A) Yes absolutely - we plan to work closely with responsible fan sites to support them in every way we can.

The second part got answered as well (on the forum):

Q) Vaskor - Would you consider establishing some kind of "clearance" procedure for fan site, which fan site owners could apply for and obtain "cleared" status in case their sites are free from cheating, RWT ads or other types of rules breaking behavior?

A) Yes indeed, we have a team looking at this right now and we have already attempted to reach out to a number of known fan sites.

Now, the only remaining problem is to get Runewise and Runescape Reader's Digest "known" :-)


TommyBurke said...

Wow, this certainly looks good. For a long time, Jagex's view on fansites has been "murky" to say the least. But now for them to actualy, well approve at least some of them; it is great news. Lets just hope that they live up to their promises.

RSEconomist said...

I saw that as well. Congrats on getting noticed!

Joost said...

Let's just hope this doesn't become a private party for, Runehq and Salmoneus, since I can assume Zybez will not be cleared.

Vaskor said...

Yes, it would be a pity if Jagex's openness stops short of small/medium size fan sites. But, we'll see. And hope.

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