Monday, February 23, 2009

Lack of AI behind monsters in Runescape

An article about lack of difficult monsters in Runescape. Almost every boss monster can be quite safely soloed if you know how and have sufficient stats and equipment. The only exception being the Corporeal beast, which is not smarter but simply too powerful to solo.

I agree with author, Jagex has been trying to fix the situation for years. They kept stretching the limits of what boss monsters could do, trying different attack styles, defense options, locations and support casts. But it looks like that only successful option so far was the "blunt power" one. Which is not fair :-)

What I'd love to see is change/improvement in AI for Runescape monsters. And not just boss monsters. Imagine guards teaming on you in multi combat areas when they see you being unarmed, imagine thieves actually stealing food from you and running away, imagine revenants following you all over the wilderness and using different attack styles based on what armor you wear. Just think about it! Wouldn't it be nice?


Cremlin said...

The article doesn't really talk about artificial intelligence, just different attack styles and defenses. As far as I've seen, there is really no artificial intelligence in MMO's like there is in CD strategy games. I'm not sure it's in Jagex's budget of software capabilities to give the monsters some brains.

man said...

omg i don't want stronger revenant teorrist

Knifestorm said...

I think Jagex could easily make more challenging monster who behave more realistically. Take this simple example: if you click on the far side of a table then your avatar walks to the far side of the table - easy. But if you range a monster from the far side of the table somehow the monster can't figure out how to walk around the table to attack you. hmm.

Remember when jagex mad a code change so that monster could move diagonally? The official forums were full of whiners shouting how the game was "ruined".

Jagex won't make smart monsters because Jagex thinks the players are dumb.

Joost said...

I don't think Jagex thinks players are dumb. I just think that players don't want to have things made harder.

Zvfikkz said...

They should make a side-game where you get to play the bosses and it actually plays the bosses.

Keeping it anonymous to stop exploiting of course :D

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