Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How about stimuli package in Runescape?

Now, that's what I call serious and well thought out suggestions! :-)

"jagex should buy out zezima and nationalize him" - epic!


topper said...

The one in the real world was wrong... and this one would be even more so...

Granted if I was just *given* 1 Million GP.. I might bid the high price on an item or two in the GE, which would raise the prices of those items.. but it would be short term (much like real life).. but then you would see it fall back to low prices once the money filtered back to the people who hoard all the cash (much like in real life) and when the buyers are back to spending their real gp, they'll want everything cheep again (much like in real life) and you'll see the prices reflect it (much like in real life).

Stimilus packages don't work in real life, they wouldn't work in games.

Just my opinion

Timothy Gold said...

In the highly unlikely event Jagex starts handing out freebies, the author should consider investing the money in English lessons :-)

Anonymous said...

hehe Tim good one mate


Anonymous said...

Sadly I must now do all my banking via treasure chests and deposit boxes. Every time I talk to a bank teller he or she reminds me of the over-due mortgage payment on my POH. To make matters worse I bought a whip using my Abyssal Credit Card and they just jacked up the interest rate to %2800.

The Wise Old Man says he no longer has a need for my services. No one will give me quests: some say my resumé is weak, but others say I'm over qualified.

If Jagex does not send those stimulus checks soon I will become just another one of those pathetic noobs spamming "free stuff plz".

Cremlin said...

Haha you shouldn't take Dont Be Noob seriously, it's just for entertainment.

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