Saturday, February 7, 2009

WoW vs Runescape

Very old post (from 2007!) from a player who moved from Runescape to WoW. And, no, I am not advocating such move. But I very much agree with author's attitude towards the whole "WoW vs Runescape" comparison thing. Indeed, almost all articles and videos on this topic are so biased based on which game their authors happened to currently play! Mostly biased towards WoW too. This post is like a gulp of fresh air in this regard.

And yet... could WoW indeed offer better gameplay? Would I dare to try it? After all I still find it enjoyable to play Runescape. So, probabaly not, at least not yet. And then, who know? Could be MechScape too.

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Knifestorm said...

I like the old video I saw that said WoW is better because you can run all the time and WoW has better dance moves. Lol,

I don't need to get addicted to another RPG.

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